Featured in the Top 100 Psychics & Astrologers in America

… Litany Burns is an internationally renown clairvoyant, medium, writer, lecturer, and filmmaker. Google Litany Burns and you will find countless sites regarding her books, interviews, lectures, videos, and articles about her work. Relatable with extraordinary talents, her remarkable insights have helped change the lives of over a half million educators, parents, professionals, celebrities, families, children and royalty worldwide. Invited by the New York City D.A. to work on the SON OF SAM case, Litany also has regularly appeared on national television, radio, film, magazines, newspapers, video, film, and the internet.

…in her field, her first book DEVELOP YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES (Pocket Books, Barnes & Noble Publ.) quickly sold over 250,000 copies domestically as well as in the UK (Bantam Press), and her groundbreaking THE SIXTH SENSE OF CHILDREN (Penguin: Putnam) is published in the U.S, UK, Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Turkey, Portugal and Korea. Her astounding documentary film/lecture “CHILDREN AMONG US” has been shown at international conferences including the University of Toronto and The International Conference on Children and Spirituality sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Her new educational training program for NY State teachers focused on using intuitive talents as productive working tools for both teachers and students in the classroom is currently available.

… for adults, professionals, social groups, corporations, families, teens and children have been taught at the Intrepid Museum, University of Toronto, The NYC Assoc. for Integrative Medicine, Asilomar Conference Center, California, Lehman College, NYC, Barnes and Noble, NYC, among others. “DEVELOP YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS” Litany’s original video mix of technology and spirituality, was described by the media as ‘one of the most comprehensive videos on the subject in the U.S. today.’ Her revolutionary Internet Series “MEDIUM AT LARGE” found on YouTube and Facebook clearly shows her distinct focus on the ordinary practical application of psychic abilities in daily living. Having previously written and sold a feature film, and a network TV story, she has several commercial television and film projects currently in development, including a documentary film on the intuitive talents of children. Find Litany On: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and listen to her recent interview for "Psychology Tomorrow".

Litany Burns