Litany Burns FAQ

Q. Are psychic abilities inherited? If someone in my family doesn’t have psychic abilities, can I?
Roberto, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A. Psychic abilities are as natural to all of us as breathing, no matter what family we are born into. They are not inherited. We all come to this blue planet with the talents we need to live a better life, and hopefully contribute. People born into families that recognize their inner talents are more able to openly nurture these talents in family members. Other people nurture and use these talents regardless of family.

Q. Can I communicate with my dog? Do I have to be trained to do that?
CeeCee, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A. Animals can communicate with us telepathically and clairvoyantly. It is their nature and their language with us. There doesn’t have to be training as much as understanding and practicing your abilities with your pet. Most pet owners will attest to this. Try sending a message to your pet and repeat it in your mind through words or images without physical gestures. Practice. But know, just like humans animals need to be open to your messages at any given moment.